Is This Book for You?

Take this light-hearted quiz to see if you would enjoy Searching for Nora.

1.  You wondered what happened to Nora Helmer from Ibsen’s play A Doll’s House.

2.  You’ve always wanted to see the fjords of Norway.

3.  You like literary fiction and books with ideas.

4.  You think you’d look great in Norwegian folk dress.

5.  You need a good book to curl up with.

6.  You might have some Norwegian blood in your veins, or you wish you did.

7.  You long for wide open spaces.

8.  You’re curious about nokkelost.

9.  You read the entire Little House on the Prairie series when you were a kid.

10.  You like historical fiction because you love being swept away into a whole new world.

Did you answer Yes, even just once? If so, we hope you’ll consider reading Searching for Nora!

Searching for Nora: A Novel After The Doll's House by Wendy Swallow