Nora’s Journey, A Photo Slideshow

Nora’s Journey is a photo essay that combines an image or object from her story and a short quote from Searching for Nora. Wendy will add a new photo each week.

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“I wanted something, something to remember my old home. I crossed to the piano and snatched my book of Chopin Mazurkas.”
“I planned to sell Torvald’s wedding ring but, instead, had it refitted for my own hand. No widow would be seen without her wedding ring, after all.”
“I pressed my face to Ivar’s head, filling my lungs with him; then let him go. ‘Have Aagot show you the church; it has big brass doors!’
“My aunt appeared with the coffee tray, but when she saw my friend had gone, she took it away. It wasn’t meant for me.”
“My chest arrived. I dragged it upstairs eagerly, but it was only half full.”
“I ached for home—the boys playing with their tin soldiers on the rug, Cook calling us to dinner…”
“When he pulled his handkerchief away from his mouth, my world tilted.”
“I barely felt the weight of my bag, as I had taken so little-just a few clothes, my lotions, my pearls.”
“I slammed the door because I wanted to shake the gossips from their beds…”
“I would finger the package of macaroons in my pocket even as I denied eating them.”
“He played with me, just as I played with my dolls.”
“So here I sit, pen in hand, a virgin notebook before me.”